I choose to live in the face of the weather

— a westerly aspect high on an escarpment —

looking out through treetops over a vast lake

that reflects an everchanging canopy of sky.

At this height

perspective on the world changes.

I see patterns and phenomena

that can only be seen with altitude

and an awareness

of the passage of things in the heavens

— the phases of the moon,

the piercing brightness of the evening star,

where the sun sets on the horizon —

and how far it moves between the winter and summer solstice

— how the light varies from hour to hour

regardless of what I might expect

— sometimes a mere smudge

sometimes full on pyrotechnics,

and underlying everything

the ageless rhythms

of the world turning

— day into night into day into night . . .

I have learnt that making art

is not only about being in the studio,

much of it is about being present for the work

in silence and solitude

— to  sink into the deep well of habitat and in doing so

open doorways to imagining

— into things beyond

— into a visual dialogue

that become the work in progress.


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